Key Benefits and Features

  • Utilizes user’s historical attendance, giving and expenses
  • Provides basis for creating projected attendance, giving and expenses
  • Incorporates user determined escalation values
  • Offers an estimate of long range staffing needs and their associated costs
  • Captures revenues from capital campaigns
  • Gathers development, construction, land and soft costs
  • Includes check list of non-contractor costs
  • Identifies increased utilities and insurance costs
  • Provides financial impact of many “What if” scenarios including phased construction
  • Offers estimate of future classroom and parking needs
  • Provides means to evaluate loan pay-down options
  • Supplies future giving and expense information, including debt service
  • Assists with cash flow management, by predicting the funds required in future years
  • Demonstrates to lenders that your church has carefully analyzed its finances
  • Presents the projected, future annual and accumulative cash flows
  • Validates your church’s ability to meet the future debt service