Church Growth & Financial Planning Tool

The Church Growth and Financial Planning Tool is a user driven spreadsheet that has been carefully developed by Foundation First to provide guidance and information about the affordability of a planned facility expansion.

The user’s historical giving, attendance, and expenses will be gathered and inserted into the Tool. By carefully analyzing the historical values, reasonable estimates of future values will be prepared by Foundation First.

This information will be combined with other items such as the following:

  • Estimated construction costs
  • Financing terms
  • Future staffing
  • Soft costs such as interest during construction and finance fees
  • Escalation factors
  • General fund giving
  • Capital campaign giving estimates
  • Funds related to buying or selling property

This list of variables is part of the 35 user variables requested by the Tool.

From this information a preliminary, comprehensive financial projection will be generated by Foundation First, which will provide the expected positive or negative 10-year cash flow values. This preliminary projection will demonstrate how the Tool functions and it will reveal a preliminary assessment of the financial strength of your church’s current plan.

This model will then be handed to your building team, who understands your congregation far better than Foundation First. They will be requested to review and revise all projections as they see fit to develop a revised projection that more closely reflects the specifics of your congregation.

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