Attendance & Giving Report

The Attendance and Giving Report provides a simple method to gather all your worship attendance, Sunday school attendance, youth attendance, and giving information. As this information is recorded in the Report, individual summaries and annual graphs for your Children’s Director, Youth Director, Adult Education Director, Financial Secretary/Treasure, and Pastoral Staff are automatically generated. These individual reports provide a direct method to monitor attendance and giving, and identify trends. This information will help your leadership make wise decisions about programming changes, different classroom and teacher configurations, or changes in the worship service.

This Report also provides a historical record of attendance that will facilitate sensible decisions regarding the number of services or seating configurations for future Christmas Eve services, Easter services, or the summer period.

Templates for recording each week’s information are configured in the same format as the Data page in the Report, making insertion of the weekly data more intuitive. As this information is added to the Data page of the Report, all the individual summaries and graphs are generated automatically.