Christian Volunteer Experience

Mr. Retzlaff has served on the boards of several churches representing different denominations including the Evangelical Church of North America, Presbyterian, Non-denominational community church and his current Evangelical Covenant Church. He feels blessed to have been able to serve as an elder in five different congregations. This exposed him to a variety of church organizations and governing structures.

He has been chairman of the building committees for his last two churches. At Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon, he created their first Building Needs Analysis and Long Range Planning Report. Several years later he assisted with planting Countryside Community Church. He was one of the original four leaders, was elected as their first chairman and organized their first governing body. Later he agreed to co-chair the building committee to build their first building, which became a high priority as his church grew.

Mr. Retzlaff’s work encompassed extensive effort in all development activities including land acquisition, permitting, financing, construction, two capital campaign drives, home informational meetings, and many hours developing the Church Growth & Financial Planning Tool to assist his church with its decisions regarding the building scope and financing.