Extra Cost Advisor Services

  • Provide further requested customization of the model
  • Review assumptions made by user and compare with advisor’s experiences
  • Review building plans to identify potential problem areas such as storage, baptistery, sound issues, and restroom requirements
  • Review user’s budget to identify cost items often overlooked
  • Provide a third party opinion often required by the lender
  • Assist with preparation of a loan application to include a financial and growth package to demonstrate that thorough planning and analysis have been completed.
  • Review budget for engineering services to assure often forgotten services are included
  • Review user’s 50-year plan. Has user considered their grandchildren’s children when selecting the facility location and expandability?
  • Review infrastructure issues concerning fire protection, sewer and water.
  • Providing Owner’s Representative services and Project Management services are well within Foundation First’s capability should the church not possess the necessary talent.